Report Presentations

Presentations of Student Term Paper of the 2018 Edition of SSP I:

Kindly follow the presentation guidelines before submitting any document
MatLab Files or Code Folder:
1. Rename the folder as “Group <group number>”.
2. Comment your MatLab code properly.
3. Provide a “Readme” file. This file should consist of batch members information i.e., name and e-mail id. Also, it should provide a brief description of the code (.m) files.
4. A pdf file with results (MatLab plots, tables). Provide a brief explanation of each result in the files. MatLab publishes
can also be used.

Presentation Slides:
1. Presentation slides can be in “PowerPoint” or “Latex”.
2. Time for presenting the Term Paper should not exceed 10 minutes (including discussion on simulations and results).
3. Focus more on the system model and results in the slides.
4. The slides should be well organized.

Project Report:
Meet your respective TA for the details.

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