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Note that the Lecture numbers are prefixed but will be covered in different number of class hours
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Lecture Number Topic Dates Slides
Lecture 1 Structure of statistical reasoning, Introduction to Estimation Lecture1
Lecture 2 Review of DSP basics (For Reference Purposes - Will not be covered in the Course) Lecture2
Lecture 3 Random Variables, Vectors, Processes and their Statistical Description Lecture3
Lecture 4 Minimum Variance Unbiased Estimation, Cramer Rao Lower Bound - Scalar and Vector Parameters Lecture4
Lecture 5 Sufficient Statistic, NF factorization, MLE, MAP Circulated Notes
Lecture 6 Spectrum Estimation Techniques - The Periodogram, Welch and The MVDR Spectrum Estimation Method Lecture 6 / Circulated Notes
Lecture 7 Introduction to Detection, Important PDFs, Statistical Decision Theory - I, Composite Hypothesis Testing Lecture7
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