EE 602 : Statistical Signal Processing

Instructor : Prof. R M Hegde, Dept of EE IIT Kanpur

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This course will discuss statistical signal processing from both theoretical and practical perspectives.
It will include basics of Estimation and Detection theory, Parametric and Non-parametric spectrum estimation (including ML, MAP, LSE). The course will have a balanced focus on math formulations and practice. It will involve a Project/Term paper implementation and presentation to allow for more space to assimilate the concepts as well.

Text Books

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Reference Books

1. Statistical Signal Processing (Paperback) by Louis Scharf

Announcements (For history see Announcements Link)

13/11/18: Term paper evaluation scheduled on 16 Nov 2018.
Term paper report submission on 15 Nov 2018

Nov 09 2018: Assignment 5 has been uploaded. Due 16/11/2018

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